Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Build A Cupcake Punch Tutorial

When I first saw this punch I wanted it so bad but didn't know really how to use it since it cuts out several images at once. So I had to watch a few video tutorials that other demonstrators did on this punch. Once seeing the videos and everyone doing it the same way I decided to get the punch. I started using the punch the same way but didn't like how much card stock I was wasting. So I found a way to waste as little card stock as possible. Here is the tutorial for you!!

This is what the punch looks like.

I cut my strips at 1 1/2" and I stamp my images as you see in the picture above. I do this for the cupcake tops as well.

I cut between each cupcake base.

The Very Vanilla card stock is my handle made from scrap card stock. I put a bit of repositioning adhesive on the end.

Place my cupcake base on the adhesive part of the handle. This is where I place my handle each time I punch my cupcake base.

You can see in this picture that I position my handle so that it doesn't get punched out.

Here is the end result for the cupcake base.

This is the scraps that you end up with!!
Here is how I punch out the cupcake tops.

I stamp the image the same, on a 1 1/2" strip of card stock and cut it out. The difference is where I place my handle when punching. Placing it in the top left side, prevents me from punching out my handle. You can place your handle on the right, it's just that I'm left handed. :)

I hope you like my first tutorial!! Please leave me a comment how what you think.

Have a great day!!


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